If you've been looking for a sign, this is it...
a Live Weekend Experience, Where We will Personally Work With you to Create a Customized Blueprint for yOU to thrive in Every area of your life and is ONLY Intended for those that Want to play the game of life to the fullest.
 This unique event Will challenge your way of thinking AND won't leave you Feeling that this Was more of the same Old Personal Development BS.

It's Time to Thrive at the
Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive
October 19-22, 2023

Rich and Naveed here...

We (and likely you too) have attended numerous  "planning" and "goal setting" events over our lifetimes. 

Why are they ineffective?

They don't seem to make THE difference or, at best, have an EXTREMELY SHORT shelf life. Many people only make plans around New Year's Day. And virtually everyone abandons their plans by Feb. 22nd (7 short weeks) into the new year?

Hmmm..  Wonder why this experience is starting on February 23rd?

Most programs, courses, and books on the topic do not help you formulate an actionable plan to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Most programs and courses help you set a list of goals and a rough plan.
We have all developed an awesome list of goals before. 

But even then... Something seems to be missing!

Have you ever wondered how and why your goals and dreams seem to slip away so fast?

Have you found yourself executing someone else's goals before yours only to watch them living their dream life, while you seem to be looking for more out of life?

We have all been there, and it is NORMAL!

If you can relate to any of the following, then this is for you!
  • ​I have a great plan and it’s all F!@$d by the first month
  • I failed to execute what I lay out
  • I don't have the support of others that I need to succeed
  • ​When I do fail, I don't recover powerfully
  • ​A lack of resources is the reason for my failures
  • ​Distractions and other emergencies in my life get in the way
  • The brilliant ideas I thought I had for the year sound better on paper
  • ​I run into roadblocks that seem like mountains that I can't move
  • ​Sometimes, I give up before I start
  • ​I say I want “X” and then change my mind or let others change it for me
  • ​It's a struggle to keep up the enthusiasm or passion that I started with
Let's face it, We all have found ourselves in these positions.

We have these exact same thoughts, feelings and situations in their EVERYDAY lives. The only difference is that we have assembled and honed the skills, tools and resources to be able to gracefully navigate thorugh them each and every time they come up.

Yes... People do get stuck and what we have observed is that most are ineffective in getting "unstuck."

Yes... Having a solid plan is important, but without being able to deal with the inevitable, failure becomes inevitable.

Yes... Anyone can learn, understand and put into action the skills and tools needed to accomplish virtually anything in their lives; whether it's a major shift in their business or career, improved health and wellness, living their dream relationship, or living a simpler, more fulfilling life. It's our belief that you can "Have it all!"

Thats why We created a Time to Thrive.

You will leave with a newfound ability to never be stopped again. Yes, you will have failures, as they are the key to ultimate success, but you will have the power to easily navigate through them and achieve the success you have always known you were capable of.

You will leave in a powerful position to never let these thing affect your future ever again.
Isn't it Time You Lived Your Greatest Life Ever?
At our Time to Thrive event, 

FIRST... We will start on Thursday evening by spending some time networking and really getting to know each other. What you’ll discover is that you are in a safe place with like minded people. We will leave Thursday evening with a whole host of new friends, contacts and resources that will support you in your greatest year ever.

On Friday, we will jump right in on what it takes to design, create and implement a life of your own design. A way to thrive in every area of your life  like never before. We will bust some myths about what it actually takes to thrive in life. This is where we will bring our collective experience in our attempts to create a life we love from the past. We have spent years searching and getting to the bottom of what stops people from having what they truly want. We will share and interact with people throughout the day to unconceal what gets in the way so you are left free to create your life that both aligns and is in tune with your deepest calling for you and those that matter the most to you. Friday's sessions include group breakouts, activities and conversations with those that choose to participate that will benefit everyone in the room!

You will leave Friday having eliminated the roadblocks, obstacles, mindset, etc. that has stopped you in the past, powerfully equipped and in a position where you have set your life up to truly thrive!

On Saturday, we will be revealing the exact, simple step-by-step method we use to create an action oriented, intention based, strategic plan, that paves the way for unlimited success, happiness and freedom, in every area of your life (Business, Personal, Relationships, Health, etc.)

Not only will you leave with your own Strategic Plan, that is easy to execute on and that takes your vision and goals and turns them into reality, by breaking each area down into small, bite sized actions that anyone can take.  

AND...  You will also leave having all the skills, tools and resources you will need to crush it year after year and for the first time ever, your life will be set up to win!

It's Time to Thrive, not just survive!

This event is a passion of ours, because we see so many people focused on surviving and not on thriving. 

Time to Thrive is a truly ultra-premium event, but without the premium price tag... 
So What Exactly is going to be covered at
time to Thrive
Having a perfectly laid out plan is awesome, but having all the skills and tools to deal with the inevitable breakdowns is where the magic lies.

We'll be covering things like;
  • ​Learn Why Traditional Goal Setting Sucks: Let's be honest, traditional goal setting just doesn't work.  We have developed a unique new methodology called "Intention Based Planning" and will show you how you can have it all in every area of your life.
  • ​Breaking the Cycle of Unwanted Habits: Our habits, both positive and negative, impact our ability to take the action and execute on our plans. You will learn how to identify unwanted habits that have been impacting you for years, if not decades and replace them with new habits to propel you to your goals.
  • ​Creating Your "Living" Strategic Plan: After getting clear about where you are now, and where you want to be, we will help you develop the step-by-step roadmap to get there.
  • ​The Tools Of The Trade: Everything you'll ever need to thrive in every area of your life. You will leave in a place where your life is set up and designed with only one possibility - to win at the game of life!
  • Your Fully Supportive Tribe: We'll show you how to communicate with those in your life in a way that they support you in your goals and dreams and how to locate and engage the "right" people to pull you through any obstacles that may arise, PLUS you'l get access to the private Time to Thrive Facebook group!
Ready to learn more? Simply hit the button below and enter your details to learn how you can secure your seat at this incredible event!

It all happens October 19-22, 2023 at the Wyndham Orlando International Drive.
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